Healing with Massage

Research confirms that massage therapy positively affects body and mind, promotes healing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Whether you are looking for deep relaxation, addressing an ailment or have sore and tense muscles, Lisa Spencer specializes in treating each client holistically, creating an environment of rest and healing.

Many clients will seek massage when they experience problems, including depression, stress and various pains. However, others use massage on a regular basis to maintain or improve wellbeing and vitality. Lisa, who has been treating clients for more than ten years, will customize each therapy with organic therapeutic grade oils, energy adjustments, temperature and music. Lisa’s mission is to deeply connect with her clients, uncover buried areas of discomfort and return body and mind to “balance.”

If you are looking for a healing, comprehensive massage with a personal touch, contact Lisa today.

A factsheet overview of Lisa's practice and massages is available for your information.


"I am so grateful to have Lisa Spencer as my massage therapist!!!

Lisa's compassionate nature accompanied by her technical skills in a nurturing atmosphere made for one of the best massages I have ever had!!! She starts by balancing the body's energy from the soles of the feet then works with essential oils producing a sensory harmonization which transpires healing on many levels. For me, the therapeutic effect struck a chord on a very deep level for the sense of wellbeing has stayed with me long beyond my time on the massage table.” Anita Ibison, Bloomington, Ind.



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