Specialty Massages

Lisa has developed several specialty massages* to help improve health issues, well-being or strengthen the immune system. All massages include Valor essential oil blend on the soles of your feet for structural balancing and courage to face whatever challenges you may have.

Relaxation and Peace

Relax your mind with Lavender and your body with Peace and Calming essential oils. Add a little Peppermint to accentuate the effect, and you'll be sliding off the massage table to go home for a nap.

It Hurts Right Here!

Show or tell Lisa where it hurts and she'll have an organic therapeutic oil for your ailment. Pan Away and Wintergreen or Peppermint will warm and sooth tender areas and breathe new life into tired and/or tense muscles.

A Slice of Happiness

If you'd like to increase joy and happiness to better deal with daily challenges, let Lisa nurture you with Joy essential oil blend, a little Lavender, too, so you can restart your life goals with renewed vigor.

Purifying Rub

With all the stress and pressures, lack of sleep and toxic environment we face, you may be ready for a detox treatment. Get into the massage zone with a Lemongrass and Citronella blend of essential oils. Purification blend and Lemon essential oils can help you clear body and mind of waste.

*All specialty massages are considered essential oil massages without additional costs.



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